The hive-mind is smoking

Norton Search suggests the following completions for "is o":

Is Obama the antichrist
Is oatmeal gluten-free
Is Obama a muslim
Is Obama a socialist
Is Obama the anti christ
Is Obama a mason
Is Obama a good president
Is olive oil good for you


Does no one care if the man is gluten-free?


  1. In Google, the first two results are "Is oxygen hydrophobic" and "Is O2 hydrophobic," followed by "Is Obama a Muslim" and "Is O2 polar."

  2. Hydrophobic oxygen:

    It hates itself in the morning.

    Too much Cutty, man. Makes anyone covalent.

    Don't bother repairing the ice-maker.

  3. My google search adds

    Is oxygen explosive in air?
    Is one a prime number?
    Is operation repo real?
    Is oprah gay?

    Hydrophobic oxygen is oxygen twinned to itself. As an ion, oxygen is highly hydrophilic.

  4. What about 'is osama bin laden dead'? Still there but down the list a way compared to where once it was, I suspect. But I think my favourite was the admirably terse-to-the-point-of-koan 'is or are?'